Frequently Asked Question

I have installed the app but the widget is not showing up on my site. What's going on?

Please make sure that you have published your site.

Help with Message Notification Template?

This is the message that will be shown when the widget is displayed on your site. In your message, you can use variables that will be replaced with the values of the displayed order.

{{first_name}} from {{city}} just bought this for ${{price}}
John from San Francisco just bought this for $10.50

{{first_name}} {{last_initial}}. purchase {{product_name}} for ${{price}}
John D. purchased T-Shirt for $5.00

Available template variables:
- {{first_name}}
- {{last_name}}
- {{last_initial}}
- {{product_name}}
- {{region}}
- {{country}}
- {{city}}
- {{price}}

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